Jackson Street Fiesta | Public Event

The Hutt City Council asked Verve to bring the community together by revamping a street festival.

We designed a summer fiesta that would draw 6,000 people into the heart of the city, and a plan to help the community handle the crowd.

We put together a strategy to get all the local resident, commercial and community groups on board with plans for things like street closure and trading hours.

On the big day, we spread the vibe around by setting up multiple stages with different themes, booked all the musicians, entertainers and cultural groups.

Food, alcohol, security staff, traffic flows, barriers, port-a-loos and clean-up—we put it all out and packed it all away again in less than ten hours.

The Jackson Street Fiesta became an event to bring the city alive with pride.

"Well done! It is my pleasure to be working with you again.”

Duncan Chisholm
Hutt City Council