King Kong Wrap Party | large private party

When New Zealand film director Peter Jackson set out to thank the troops who’d worked on his gorilla epic, the producers asked Verve to throw a monster party.

We designed a wrap party for 3,000 cast and crew on King Kong and their families on the movie’s 1950s New York set.

We staged the six-hour event in a fairground, with side shows, street performers and entertainers on a main stage led by Kiwi music legend Neil Finn and his son Liam. 

To feed the masses, we set up two food alleys, with downtown New York-style and Chinatown themes.

The Seaview set was stripped of all its facilities when we started. We shipped in everything we needed to make it work, from power generators to port-a-loos, and created the entire fairground apparatus from scratch.

The cast and crew partied at a carnival worthy of the great Kong.