The Lord of the Rings Premieres | Public Event

Roadshow Films signed Verve to direct the action at the Australasian premieres of The Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers in Wellington.

No-one had ever held a red carpet event on this scale in New Zealand before, nor one with such potential for wider economic impact. With the world watching, the stakes were high.

Verve set a dramatic precedent. We decided to open the procession up to the whole city by rolling the red carpet out for a block and a half—well beyond the usual length.  When hometown director Peter Jackson and his cast and crew appeared in the middle of the 15,000-strong crowd—civic pride boiled over.

We wrangled all the celebrity logistics—airport meet and greets, cars, chauffeurs and personal protection. Meanwhile, we set up and managed the accreditation and security systems for 3,000 global media representatives, suppliers and staff at the event.

For The Two Towers premiere, we found a way for people around the country to return the compliment to a man who’d brought Hollywood to their doorsteps. We created a tribute movie featuring fans offering Jackson their thanks. When it played on a giant screen as he made his way towards the cinema, he was visibly moved.

The Lord of the Rings premieres drew global attention to the films, and to the energy of Wellington and its people. But we also turned them into more than glitzy celebrity events—we made them personal, joyful celebrations for everyone.