Wellington Fashion Festival | Public Event

When Positively Wellington Tourism asked for ideas, Verve invented a new event to capitalise on a world-class asset overdue some exposure—the city’s sense of style.

We chose fashion because we thought the work of Wellington’s utterly original designers summed up the character of the city.  We set out to create an event that would forge a stronger link between the city’s style and its brand, and generate sales for designers and retailers.

We stitched together a retail fashion festival showcasing over 20 designers at ten events spread across the city over three days.  Our programme featured three official shows leading up to a new Wellington Retail Fashion Awards night, with emerging designers showing in unusual venues.

We managed the event top to toe—creating the concept, securing the sponsors, designing the programme, negotiating with stakeholders and managing the venues, staging, publicity, participants, ticketing and VIPs.

The event put an elegant spin on the city’s brand for Positively Wellington Tourism, and set off a surge in sales and exposure for the city’s fashion traders.